Custom Printed CD, DVD, and Blu-Ray Packaging

We offer an array of custom printed packaging options such as CD sleeves and wallets, as well as jewel case inserts and tray cards to accompany our standard packaging options.  

Note: Due to the ongoing shortage across the nation, some products paper/cardstock maybe substituted for an alternative weight. We like all other printing houses are expeirencing shortages and delays in the supply chain.

Our disc printing process

A-La-Carte Services

Order any type of packaging in any quantity you want for your discs! With Blank Media Printing, you can mix-and-match your discs with any number or combination of packaging you want, a-la-carte style. Order 100 CDs in 50 CD Cases with inserts and 50 CD Sleeves, or 10 in mailers and 90 in plastic sleeves - we're one of the only custom print shops that offer a-la-carte options like this. 

All of our custom printed packaging options start at low prices and can be designed to match your discs. Data duplication is easier than ever with our online uploader, and our free design tool will ensure you craft the perfect artwork.


A-La-Carte Services

Options & Extra Services

Easy Data Uploader

Order with us and enjoy easy data uploading with our online uploader! If you would rather send in your data via mail, we can accept that for duplication as well. 
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Gloss Coating

Gloss coating is useful when you have complex artwork - for example, multiple colors and lines - as it gives an added "pop" to the design.
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Thermal Receptive Coating

Thermal Receptive Coating allows for reprint over your discs at home, allowing you to add your own information onto the disc.
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Artwork Design

Our in-browser online designer is free and easy to use! No need to master intense tools like Photoshop - make your own artwork for your order with our intuitive tool.  
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Physical Print Proof

Order a physical print proof to see your order before committing to a bulk purchase.


We offer Serialization / Variable data for printing serial numbers and barcodes on your discs.
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 Online Artwork Designer

Want to design your own CD Case or but don't own Photoshop? No problem. After you order from us you can use our in-browser artwork designer for free.  

If you need any help, we've written tutorials on Pixlr so you can easily design your own discs and packaging. 

 Enjoy Bulk Discounts

We offer bulk discounts on all of our products including discs, standard packaging, and other printed packaging - all with the same top quality printing.


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