How do I obtain a quote or place an order?

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How to Obtain a Quote:
To be able to obtain a quote or place an order it is first required that you are a registered user. Because we supply Federal, State, and Local government agencies it is required that all registrations are approved by us. Approval, typically takes 1 business day and is very straight forward.

Once you have an account, obtaining a quote or placing an order is fairly straight forward.

  1. Go to and login. Once logged in, click the Instant Quote/Order Now button in the upper right corner.
    Step 1
  2. The Build Order page will be presented. Here you can select the products you wish to obtain a quote/purchase.

  3. From the Build Order page, you first choose the product type (CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, Standard Packaging. When you select one of the disc types, you will be presented ONLY the products that relate to your agency which will show an image of the disc.

    Choose the Media Format, then choose the Artwork, and enter the quantity.
  4. Choose any options that ‘may’ be available for the products you have selected.
    Step 4
  5. Click the small arrow next to the options to expand the choices. Once you have made your selections, click Add to Cart.
  6. If you need to add more items such as Packaging, simply click the Standard Packaging tab at the top of the Order Form. In the same way as before, choose the packaging you require, enter the quantity and then click Add to Cart.
  7. Once you have added all the items. You can click Checkout.
  8. Enter your ship to information:
    Step 8
  9. Click Next then enter any order comments.
    Step 9
  10. Click Next, then choose the shipping option:
    Step 10
  11. Click Next, then agree to the Terms and Conditions
    Step 11
  12. Click Next, then choose Generate a Quote:
    Step 12
  13. Click Next, on the screen you have three options:
    1 – Click the COPY button to save the Shareable Link to your clipboard for pasting in to a message.
    2 – Click the “Click here to download” to download a PDF version of the quote which contains the various links to view the quote on-line OR Purchase Now.
    3 – Click the PURCHASE NOW button to enter the billing information.
    Step 13
    (your screen may look different)
  14. Once a quote has been purchased, you will receive the order confirmation. At this stage, we may reach out for additional information or you will receive shipping confirmation once your order has shipped.

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Evidence Grade® is now your sole source of Evidence Grade® media, including CD-R, DVD-R DVD±R, BD-R, BD-R-DL, and BD-RXL. We provide this media to US Government Agencies, Federal and State Prosecutors, District Attorneys, Courts, and State, Local, and County Law Enforcement organizations. These organizations require that any media used for original or derived evidence must be readable until after the last appeal. For evidence use, we manufacture Evidence Grade® media and Judicial Grade Media. The Evidence Grade® media is for use where recording and storage may be under adverse environmental and physical conditions. Evidence Grade® has been the source for Evidence Grade® media for the Law Enforcement community since 2009. Learn More

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