How to Submit Data for Duplication:

You must hold the copyright or have permission from the copyright holder to make copies. Purchasing content from stores such as iTunes does not provide permission to make copies. Downloading content from file-sharing sites does not provide permission to make copies. If you did not write, create and record the songs yourself, chances are you do not own the copyright, and therefore, we cannot make copies!

We offer two methods of providing your master material:

  1. Digital Upload to our site / Providing Link for us to download from
  2. Physical Master Disc sent to us

Digital Upload / Provide Link:
Once you have completed your order and you selected to upload your master, you will have two options: a) Upload your content to our servers OR provide a link where we can download your content. In either situation, you should zip all your content for duplication into one folder. If you are using Windows operating system, right-click on the folder and choose Compress to Archive. If you are using a Mac operating system, right-click the folder and choose Compress. Depending on the compression software you have, this will create a compressed folder. This compressed folder is what you will upload. In the “Instructions” section of the upload portion of the website, you will list the track order and any special instructions.

You also can provide a link to the content, and again this should be a single folder containing the content.

You will also need to complete the IPR form, which you can complete online in the upload section.

About CD-Text:
CD-Text refers to the information that can be embedded (burned) onto your CD master, such as song titles and artist names. CD-Text can ONLY be displayed on stand-alone CD players or car CD players capable of displaying CD-Text. It WILL NOT show up on computers. Much older car and home players can’t decode and display CD-Text, so it’s not guaranteed that you will see your CD-Text information. It’s a good idea to have us add your CD-Text information anyway, just in case. Make sure to accurately fill out a CD Track List using the Notes section when uploading your content.

Physical Master Disc:
If you prefer to send a Physical Master Disc to our manufacturing facility, please ensure your master disc has been prepared exactly how you require the content of the finished discs. BlankMediaPrinting will not make any changes to the master disc. We do not offer any form of authoring services. Ensure the media of the master disc is of the same type as ordered: CD-R for CD-R, DVD-R for DVD-R, etc.

Before sending your master disc, ensure it works in all the types of equipment you want your copies to work in! For example, if you want your DVD to play in DVD players, test your master in a DVD player to ensure it works how you want it to work. If you want your audio CD to play in all CD players, make sure it is an Audio CD and not an mp3 or similar. is not responsible if your master disc does not function how you want it to.

  1. First, purchase your discs with the "duplication" option.
  2. You will receive instructions for sending your Master Disc upon checkout completion and via email.
  3. Please send us the Master Disc and a completed and signed IPR form. We will not duplicate without a completed IPR Form!

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