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Evidence Grade BD-R™

Evidence Grade BD-R™
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Evidence Grade Blu-Rays Info

Our Evidence Grade BD-Rs™, are identical to those used by former Adams Evidence Grade and are an essential tool for law enforcement departments, and all government agencies to retain data backups, Evidence, and critical information for decades. Our custom printing is ideally suited for Evidence Grade BD-R™. Agencies can enjoy rapid organization at a glance, with a professional look that stands out and more importanly, lasts a lifetime. 

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With the optional Serialization / Variable Data / Barcode printing allows for easy tracking of each Evidence Grade BD-R™. Serialization / Barcode printing enables easy tracking of every disc. You can provide the serialization information in Excel, or we can sequentially apply from a predetermined number. This serialization option allows for a positive chain of custody and authenticity. Learn More.

Artwork layout is included, send us either the current image of your disc OR email us your requirements and we'll create the design and email a proof back for approval.

Need to over-print using your existing Thermal printer? Not a problem - our discs are receptive to all Thermal Printers.

Media type is Evidence Grade (same media used by Adams Evidence Grade Technologies - AEGT) recordable BD-Rs are the professional choice for data archiving worldwide. Their discs offer excellent playback compatibility with low recording error rates. 

6 Color Printing - CMYK+Lm+Lc

We are proud to offer only the highest resolution printing quality and technology, with the latest 6 Color UV Cured Digital Inkjet process. Unlike Silkscreen printing, Digital UV Inkjet is zero contact, meaning no physical contact is made by the printing process, eliminating any potential physical damage silkscreen printing can do. Additionally, unlike the silkscreen process, we use our proprietary Cold Cure UV™ systems, eliminating high heat transfer during the curing process, unlike traditional UV curing, which is high heat with InfraRed heat (IR). IR can be detrimental to the disc's physical structure, resulting in both writing or reading errors.

Smudge Proof

Our discs are waterproof and will not smudge or smear when handled, unlike traditional inkjet printed discs using water-based inks.

Scratch Resistant Print

Because our discs are printed using UV Cured inks, they are scratch-resistant and won't damage even if dropped or scuffed with a fingernail.

Up to 25GB or 135 Minutes

Our standard Evidence Grade BD-Rs are rated up to 25GB of data or 135 Minutes of HD video. You can upgrade to 50GB or 100GB capacity.


Need more capacity? Blu-Ray Dual Layer Discs provide up to 50GB capacity, OR Blu-Ray-XL Discs provide up to 100GB capacity!

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Discs are packaged in 50 count plastic spindles with clear covers.

If you require any standard packaging such as Paper Sleeves, Plastic Sleeves, Clam Shells, or Ejector Cases, these are available when building your order.

Evidence Grade BD-R Features:

  • Evidence Grade BD-R Media
  • Capacity: 25GB / 135 minutes HD Video
  • Record speed up to 16x
  • 6 Color Printing
  • Waterproof & Scratch Resistant
  • 30-Year Data-Integrity Guarantee
  • Serialization Optional - Learn More

Evidence Grade BD-R Packaging Options:

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When and Where Do I Upload My Artwork?

You don't! We generate the artwork for you based on the information you provide us. We'll send you a proof layout and once the layout has been approved then the products will be generated.

You just sit back and let us do all that for you.

How Do I Place a Repeat Order?

If you have ordered from us before, you can simply log in to your account and select Repeat Order next to the order you wish to repeat. You'll be able to change quantites once the items have been added tp the Cart.

Can I add more than one item to the cart?

Yes, you can add as many items/products as you want to the cart. Simply click Continue Shopping OR select the items from the Order Form.

I Have More Questions, Where Can I Obtain More Answers?

We have an extensive FAQ section which should answer virtually everything you need to know before ordering. If you need more specific assistance that is not covered in our FAQ section, please do not hesitate in Contacting Us! Or you may call us at: 321 400 5767 - office hours are M-F  9:00am - 4:00pm EST.


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Evidence Grade® is now your sole source of Evidence Grade® media, including CD-R, DVD-R DVD±R, BD-R, BD-R-DL, and BD-RXL. We provide this media to US Government Agencies, Federal and State Prosecutors, District Attorneys, Courts, and State, Local, and County Law Enforcement organizations. These organizations require that any media used for original or derived evidence must be readable until after the last appeal. For evidence use, we manufacture Evidence Grade® media and Judicial Grade Media. The Evidence Grade® media is for use where recording and storage may be under adverse environmental and physical conditions. Evidence Grade® has been the source for Evidence Grade® media for the Law Enforcement community since 2009. Learn More

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