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Sole Source Provider of Evidence Grade® Media
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Celebrating 35 years of SERVICE to our NATIONS Law Enforcement Community

Adams Evidence Grade Technology, Inc. (AEGT) is committed to Evidentiary Media and Equipment with the highest standards of excellence to Law Enforcement, Judiciary Offices, and Government. The confidence and self-assurance to indulge our clients with only the best quality of products and service is the objective that has AEGT exceeding beyond the routine scale of other companies. We strive to develop and produce new equipment and media as the industry’s needs change.

Adams Evidence Grade Technology, Inc. media and equipment is designed for use by organizations associated with law enforcement, forensics, and the judiciary. These products are not offered for sale to individual consumers.

Equipment and Accessories
USB Device/Flash Memory to BD/CD/DVD Copiers, BD/CD/DVD Duplicators, Digital Recorders, Telephone Pickups
CD, DVD, and BD Grades
AEGT manufactures and is sole source provider of three grades of CDs, DVDs, and BDs: Evidence Grade®, Judicial Grade®, and Discovery Grade® including our newest addition Law Enforcement Archive Grade.
  • Custom silk screened specifically for your Agency or Department
  • White anti-glare coating used to improve print surface legibility and glare reduction
  • Unique bar code, and human readable serialization to protect the chain of custody*

* Included with Evidence, Judicial, and Law Enforcement Archive Grades, available on Discovery Grades.

Other available media and accessories include, USB/ Flash Memory, WORMs, MOs, Audio Cassettes, Mini Discs, Micro Cassettes, CD/DVD Cases
We are a privately owned Corporation located in Texas and classified as a "Small Business." We currently have Federal GSA as well as various State and County Contracts throughout the USA.




     Read about Longevity of Recordable CDs & DVDs (Link to the Canadian Conservation Institute website)

Copier+Duplicator - EVIDENCE TOWER
  SSD-8350   SSD-8350
NEW MULTI-DIRECTIONAL, exFAT SUPPORTED STANDALONE COPIER AND DUPLICATOR! Flash to Flash; Flash to Disc; Disc to Flash. Blu-ray BDXL supported.  

  SSD-9350   SSD-9350
NEW MULTI-DIRECTIONAL, exFAT SUPPORTED STANDALONE COPIER AND DUPLICATOR! Flash to Flash; Flash to Disc; Disc to Flash. This provides the BEST Chain of Evidence.  

Evidence Grade®
  Evidence Grade®  BD-R 25GB / 50GB, Custom - AEGT   Evidence Grade® BD-R 25GB / 50GB, Custom - AEGT
In comparison to a Recordable DVD the 25GB Blu-ray can record 580% more data than a 4.7GB DVD, and the 50GB doubles that.

  SSC-3150   SSC-3150
NEW USB/Flash card to Optical Disc
Desktop & Portable Copier

exFAT compatible!

  OBD-8500   OBD-8500
NEW 100GB Duplicator!
Fast and Secure
BDXL, CD, DVD Duplicator.

USB Flash Drives
  SanDisk®   SanDisk®
The SanDisk® Cruzer is the fastest and easiest way to move your data.   

P.O. Box 1217, Utopia, TX 78884  210-910-4230     Fax 830-541-5538
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