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Adams Evidence Grade Technology, Inc. (AEGT) has been providing Evidence and Surveillance media and equipment to the Law Enforcement Community since 1986, and has a proven history of developing innovative and cost efficient answers to the ever-changing needs of the community. From field surveillance to the courtroom, to the last appeal, AEGT provides a variety of media and equipment to insure evidence integrity. Including, but not limited to, analog audio and VHS tapes, digital media CDs, DVDs, WORMS, Flash Memory, and USB devices, recorders, and analog and digital media duplicating and copying equipment.
 AEGT manufactures or specifically offers Evidence Grade®, Judicial Grade®, and Discovery Grade® recording media exclusively for use in evidence and surveillance applications. We know the physical abuse that recording media takes during the course of an investigation and understand that your recordings are typically made under adverse field conditions utilizing well-used equipment. AEGT has a range of media that are individualized with your Agency or Department Name and Logo. Bar Code/Serialization for identification and tracking is available on select products.
 AEGT Engineers are constantly developing new media and equipment to better serve the Law Enforcement Community. Please contact AEGT with your equipment and media needs should you not find them available online: your input as a field representative is invaluable.


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